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Pocket Yacht Company Welcomes the Rugged and Reliable NorthCoast Boats to Our Family

Pocket Yacht Company Now Represents NorthCoast Boats

We are thrilled to announce that we are now representing the esteemed NorthCoast boat line, renowned for its rugged durability and versatile design. As a company that passionately believes in providing only the best boating experiences, adding NorthCoast fishing boats to our lineup is a significant step towards offering even more quality options to our clients.

“We are excited to introduce NorthCoast to our customers,” said Mark Schulstad, Owner and Managing Director at Pocket Yacht Company. “These boats perfectly align with our mission to provide high-quality vessels that meet the unique needs of our East Coast boating community. With NorthCoast, we’re offering a top-tier fishing experience backed by exceptional durability.”

Built to Last: The NorthCoast Difference
NorthCoast boats are engineered with a clear focus: to provide a safe, durable platform that stands the test of time. Each vessel comes with a 12-year hull warranty, assuring you of its quality and longevity. This brand is synonymous with resilience, designed to brave sea conditions that would deter other boats.

Versatility at Its Best
Whether you’re a hard-core angler looking for your next big catch or a family seeking to explore the waves, NorthCoast boats offer the perfect blend of functionality and comfort. Their versatility extends from inshore to offshore adventures, ensuring that whatever your boating needs, NorthCoast has you covered.

The Hulls: Engineered for Maximum Performance
At the heart of NorthCoast’s design philosophy is a commitment to performance. Their hulls are meticulously crafted to navigate safely and efficiently, providing a smooth and reliable experience. This focus on fundamental performance over superfluous features is a core reason why NorthCoast stands out in the boating world.

Focusing on What Matters
In a market often overrun with unnecessary bells and whistles that inflate costs, NorthCoast boats stick to what truly matters in boating – quality, safety, and performance. This approach aligns perfectly with our mission at Pocket Yacht Company to offer transparent pricing and real value to our customers.

Expanding Our Reach
We are proud to extend our sales and service of new NorthCoast boats ranging from 23′ to 41′ across a vast territory, from Maryland down through South Carolina. This expansion is a testament to our commitment to serving the East Coast boating community with the best the industry has to offer.

NorthCoast Models
We are excited to showcase our NorthCoast inventory, which includes the following models:

235 HT: A compact powerhouse, perfect for both fishing and family outings.
255HT: Balancing size and functionality, this model is a versatile choice for various boating adventures.
285 HT: Offering more space and amenities, this model is ideal for longer trips and bigger catches.
315 HT: A harmonious blend of comfort and performance for the serious boater.
415 HT: The newest addition, this model is a testament to luxury and capability in one package.

We invite you to experience the robust and versatile world of NorthCoast boats at the Pocket Yacht Company. Whether you’re a seasoned boater or new to the waters, our team is ready to guide you through every step of your boating journey. Visit us to see why NorthCoast boats are the smart choice for those who value durability, performance, and straightforward boating excellence.

Come aboard and discover your next great adventure with Pocket Yacht Company and NorthCoast!


The NorthCoast Story:

Jose C. DaPonte, the President and Owner of C&C Marine, has dedicated his life to crafting exceptional boats since the early 1970s. A leading figure in composite boat building and tool making, Joe’s expertise is deeply rooted in his Portuguese heritage and a profound love for the ocean. His family is a vital part of the business, working alongside him to enhance boat quality daily. In the summer, the DaPonte family enjoys fishing on the very boats they meticulously build.

Focused on creating vessels that are rugged, versatile, and prioritize fishing, Joe strategically positioned the production facility in Bristol, Rhode Island, a hub for boat building in New England. This location allows for testing and commissioning new models, as well as training dealers and boat owners in the picturesque surroundings of Narragansett Bay, near the Herreschoff Marine Museum and the historic town of Newport. This area also provides easy access to the superb fishing grounds of Rhode Island Sound.

NorthCoast Boats, a division of C&C Marine and C&C Fiberglass, Inc., stands as a testament to the company’s commitment to high-quality fishing and recreational boats. The nineties saw C&C Marine as the manufacturing force behind Dick Lema’s designs. In 2000, seizing an opportunity, Joe acquired the NorthCoast Boats brand name and hull molds, drawn to the brand’s robust lines and superior performance. Under Joe’s stewardship, NorthCoast Boats continues to honor its pledge to construct top-tier fishing boats, used and tested by the builders themselves, ensuring unparalleled quality for their customers.

Notably, C&C Marine is also trusted by J-Boats and other prestigious brands for producing molded hulls and decks for select high-end models, consistently delivering excellence with each build.