Pocket Yachts Cutwater INVENTORY

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When we say “Do It All,” we truly stand by it. Cutwater Boats are meticulously crafted to provide you with a comprehensive set of features, guaranteeing you embark on your adventures with absolute assurance. Whether you’re seeking a serene fishing experience, indulging in leisurely cruises off the beaten path for weeks on end, or enjoying a thrilling day on the water with your loved ones, our boats are designed to cater to your every need.

Enjoy the benefits of Factory Direct Pricing, explore our new boat lines manufactured by Fluid Motion.

Pocket Yachts Cutwater INVENTORY

Cutwater Models

Cutwater C-248 C

Cutwater C-288 C

Cutwater C-32 C

Cutwater C-32 CB

Common Questions About Buying from Pocket Yachts.

Whether it be a storm or random accident, you need to be able to protect yourself and your property. That’s why our in-house insurance agent Liz Childs will work with you to get you the best product. Your policy will be tailored to your boat and region. Email:

Once you have secured financing (if you are not paying cash) and insurance, it will be necessary to close financially on the boat by signing the final closing documents and transferring the final amount due by wire. If a boat is in stock, the closing should happen within 7 days of making the 10% deposit and if the boat is on order, it will happen 7 days prior to the boat shipping from the factory. Email:

The delivery date is set up around the time of closing to ensure that you have adequate time to get to know your new boat. You’ll have time to use the boat while still at our marina. We require that you take delivery at one of our marinas initially so that if there are any items that need adjustment, they can be easily made. We want the boat to stay at our facility for at least 7 days in order for us to make any final adjustments. You will be given up to a full day’s worth of orientation on the boat’s systems while at the dock and then an additional half-day of Captain’s Training to familiarize you with your boat’s operation on the water. More training will be made available if you or the staff feels you may benefit. We want to create boaters, not just boat owners.

Yes. At Pocket Yacht, we strive to make the boat trade-in process smooth and hassle-free. Contact to receive a free trade-in evaluation.

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