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Best Great Loop Boats Between 30-40 Feet

Embarking on the Great Loop is a thrilling journey that demands the right vessel for comfort, maneuverability, and sea-worthiness. Ideal boats for this adventure fall within the 30-40 feet range and offer a sweet spot of spaciousness and ease of handling. In this article, we highlight the 8 top contenders. Here’s a guide to selecting your perfect Great Loop companion.

1. Ranger Tugs R-29 CB: Length Overall (LOA): 33 feet; Beam: 10 feet. A top pick for its spacious interior and innovative design, this model boasts fuel efficiency and a retractable command bridge for versatility. The Luxury Edition is equipped with air conditioning/reverse cycle heating, and a diesel generator w/ sound shield to make your journey a comfortable one.


2. Ranger Tugs R-31 CB: LOA: 34′ 10″; Beam: 10 feet. Offering extra comfort and space, the R-31 shines with a spacious cockpit and cabin, ideal for those seeking more room. The Command Bridge folds down to make room to fit under the bridges along the Great Loop.


3. Beneteau Swift Trawler 35: LOA: 37 feet; Beam: 13′ 3″. Renowned for its stability and quick cruising capability, it provides a cozy layout and efficient performance.


4. Cutwater C-32 CB: LOA: 37′ 8″; Beam: 10 feet. Known for its space-maximizing design and efficiency, making it a comfortable choice for long journeys.


5. Nordic Tugs 34: LOA: 34′ 11″; Beam: 11′ 4″. This tug is celebrated for its sturdy construction and cruising efficiency, ensuring safety and comfort on the waves.


6. Mainship 34 Trawler: LOA: 39′ 8″; Beam: 12 feet 4 inches. A practical design with good fuel efficiency and ample living space for extended trips.


7. American Tug 365: LOA: 36 feet 5 inches; Beam: 13 feet 3 inches. It melds traditional appeal with modern tech for a robust, comfortable voyage.


8. Jeanneau NC 33: LOA: 34′ 5″; Beam: 10 feet 11 inches. This cruiser stands out with its ingenious layout and exceptional space utilization.


Choosing your Great Loop vessel involves weighing your cruising style against your comfort needs and budget. As the Ranger Tug and Cutwater dealer on the East Coast from Maryland to the East Coast of Florida, we constantly have people reaching out to make Great Loop plans in search of the perfect boat. The Ranger Tugs R-29 CB and R-31 are especially notable for blending comfort with efficiency, making them prime choices for this epic voyage. The Cutwater C-32 CB allows for similar layouts but with a Downeast styling and is equipped with Yamaha outboards when you want to get underway quickly.

Whatever your selection, ensure it matches your adventure aspirations as you prepare for the Great Loop.

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