NorthCoast 255 HT

Introducing the New NorthCoast 255 HT: A Fusion of Performance and Comfort

The NorthCoast 255 HT, the latest marvel in our fleet, combines classic design with modern functionality, catering to both the avid fisherman and the leisure cruiser. This vessel isn’t just about getting you to your destination; it’s about enhancing the entire journey.

Elevated Pilot House and Cabin Experience

Spacious Pilot House: Offering a 6’2″ headroom at the helm and a 75” long berth, the 255 HT ensures comfort for both navigation and rest.
Private Head: The cabin includes a private head to starboard, a rarity in boats of this class, providing added convenience and privacy.
Visibility and Room: With a wide-open layout in both the pilothouse and cockpit, enjoy exceptional visibility and ample space, perfect for both fishing and cruising.
Unmatched Performance for Ultimate Fishing

High-Speed Capability: With a 22-degree dead-rise, the 255HT can achieve a wide-open throttle of 56 miles per hour with optional Twin 250’s, ensuring a swift, soft, and dry ride across waves.
Ultimate Fishing Platform: Designed to satisfy serious anglers, the 255HT offers a longer and wider cockpit for battling big fish, complete with a walk-thru transom door for easy catch loading.

Exceptional Handling and Efficiency

Robust Hull Design: Sporting a 22-degree dead-rise and a 9’5” beam, the 255 handles both inshore and offshore conditions with ease, ensuring a dry and comfortable journey.
Efficient Fuel Usage: Boasting 159 gallons of usable fuel, cruise at 25MPH with an estimated range of 268NM at 12.9GPH. Even on one engine, the boat maintains over 30MPH, offering peace of mind in various conditions.

Cockpit: A Fisherman’s Dream

Extensive Storage: Equipped with two 139-quart macerated in-deck fish boxes, a 26-gallon transom blue-lighted live well, and ample tackle storage, the cockpit is a haven for any fishing enthusiast.
Comfort and Practicality: From the 113-quart insulated cooler under the portside seat to the helm with room for dual 12” touch screens, every element is designed for ease of use and maximum enjoyment.

Owner’s Words

Jose DaPonte, Owner of NorthCoast Boats, speaks proudly of the 255HT, emphasizing its dry, soft handling in harsh conditions and its no-fluff, real-boater design. It’s a boat that leaves owners both proud and longing for more time at sea.

Standard Equipment and Options

Durability and Safety: The 255 comes with a 12-year structural hull warranty and ‘no wood’ construction, ensuring long-term reliability and safety.
Customizable Options: From hull colors to Yamaha Twin 250XCB Helm Master EX, tailor the 255HT to your specific needs and preferences.

For detailed specifications, pricing, and further customization options, please contact your nearest dealer. The NorthCoast 255 HT is not just a boat; it’s a commitment to quality, performance, and the pure joy of boating.

*Options, freight, and taxes are extra. Specifications and equipment are subject to change without notice.

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