Pocket Yachts BLOG


As this issue of WAYPOINT goes to press, Pocket Yacht Company will be gearing up for Spring Boat Shows and Summer events. It has been a fantastic year as families return to the water and continuing demand remains high.

Fortunately for our customers, as the largest Ranger Tug and second-largest Cutwater dealer, we are able to leverage our purchasing power to ensure a steady supply of much-needed boats. While we know challenges exist, we along with the factory are always looking to find more suppliers and workforce with the goal to increase production and retail delivery. While the cost of living is continuing to rise, we continue to deliver high value and high quality on every boat we deliver. It’s important that we ensure your family has a timely delivery for a fun summer on the water.

We are proud to continue this life-long relationship with Ranger Tugs and Cutwater Boats. Cruising in a Pocket Yacht is a distinct way of life with an equally distinct community of boaters!