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Sell or Trade-In your Boat with Pocket Yacht

At Pocket Yacht Company, we understand that selling your boat is a significant decision. That’s why we go the extra mile to ensure each listing receives the attention it deserves, leveraging comprehensive marketing strategies to connect sellers with the right buyers. Here’s how we support our brokerage customers and what you need to provide to list your boat with us.

Marketing Strategies That Set Us Apart:

The Premier Dealer along the East Coast
We are recognized as the leading resource for Ranger Tugs, Cutwater Boats, Solara Boats, and NorthCoast boats along the East Coast. Our reputation is built on a foundation of trust and expertise, which is why we have been honored as the Top Dealer for several consecutive years from our Manufacturer Fluid Motion.

Our deep understanding of these specific brands allows us to market and sell boats under the Pocket Yacht brand effectively. We provide sellers with targeted marketing strategies that reach potential buyers who are looking specifically for the unique features and quality that Ranger Tugs, Cutwater, Solara, and NorthCoast boats offer.

This targeted approach ensures that listings get noticed by the right audience, leading to quicker sales and more satisfactory transaction outcomes. We typically only list boat brands that we currently sell new or trade boats.

Photography and Video Tours:
We believe that first impressions count, which is why the right photos are essential. These visuals help prospective buyers envision themselves aboard, increasing the likelihood of a sale.

Online Listing and Promotion:
Your boat will be featured on leading boat-selling platforms like Boat Trader, YachtCo, Boats for Sale, Right Boat, and our own website, which is optimized for high search engine visibility. We also use targeted email campaigns to reach potential buyers directly.

Social Media Marketing:
We leverage the power of social media platforms, including Facebook and Instagram to create engaging content that highlights the unique features of your boat. Our posts are designed to generate interest and drive traffic to your listing. We also post to targeted Facebook groups, including TugNuts, Ranger Tugs for Sale & Cutwater Boats for Sale.

Boat Shows and Events:
Pocket Yacht takes advantage of local and national boat shows to discuss your vessel with interested buyers in a dynamic setting, enhancing exposure and providing direct marketing to serious buyers who may not be interested in buying “new”.

Print Advertising:
Depending on the boat and target market, we may use print advertising in renowned maritime publications to reach a wider audience, particularly those who prefer traditional methods of information. These publications include listings in PropTalk Magazine, FishTalk Magazine, Southern Scuttlebutt, and the Florida Mariner.


Considering Listing Your Boat? Here is What You Need to Provide:

To list your boat with Pocket Yacht, you’ll need to provide the following:

Boat Details:
Provide comprehensive information about your boat, including make, model, year, engine details, hours, equipment updates, and any unique features or upgrades. Please note whether you are selling your boat as a trade or if you are selling it with a dinghy or trailer.

Ownership Documents:
Ensure all registration and title documents are current and accessible, as these will be necessary for the sales process. Submit those forms to your listing agent as soon as your sign the Listing Agreement.

Service Records:
Detailed records of maintenance and repairs can significantly enhance the marketability of your boat, demonstrating to potential buyers that the vessel has been well-maintained.

Photos and Videos:
If you already have high-quality images and videos, they can be included in your listing. Otherwise, we can arrange photography and videography.

Your Expectations:
Discuss your pricing strategy and timeline with your sales associate to align on your sales goals and expectations.


At Pocket Yacht Company, we are committed to not just listing your boat but actively marketing it to ensure it sells for the right price and in a timely manner. Our dedicated team uses a tailored approach for each listing, ensuring that your boat stands out in the competitive market. If you’re ready to list with us, contact one of our experienced sales associates today and let us navigate the sales process for you, ensuring a smooth and successful transaction from start to finish.

For more information or to get started, visit our webpage Pocketyachtco.com/sell-us-your-boat or reach out directly to our sales team.

To get an idea of your trade-in value powered by J.D. Power visit: https://www.pocketyachtco.com/trade-evaluation/