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Ranger Tug Buyers Guide Fall 2021

When it comes to the Ranger Tug line-up, we are commonly asked about equipment and price. We are happy to provide all of that information right at your fingertips. Below you’ll find the updated Fall 2021 buyers guides. Click the image below to view specifications, equipment, factory direct pricing, and additional factory options.

* Note that Factory Direct Pricing does not include delivery or dealer prep. Contact a sales advisor to learn more: sales@pocket-yacht.com

Models are arranged by length overall:

Ranger Tug R-23

Ranger Tug R-25

Ranger Tug R-27

Ranger Tug R-29 Sedan

Ranger Tug R-29 Command Bridge

Ranger Tug R-31 Sedan

Ranger Tug R-31 Command Bridge

Ranger Tug R-43

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